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Arte-Sano’s food is also one of the best reasons to visit.   The menu is the creation of co-owner, Mirna Bravo, who has always had a passion for cooking and hosting.   Mirna brings a variety of influences from her years in South America and travels around the world.   Her explorations of flavors ranging from Mediterranean, Latin, & Asian create dishes that truly appeal to anyone who loves food.   The combination of her influences and the available local ingredients has set a new bar for the culinary scene in San Juan Del Sur.


Arte-Sano’s relaxed vibe and informal menu offers local coffees, teas, organic greens, sandwiches and an assortment of pizzas and curry.  Your morning will most likely start with a café latte from a beautiful vintage espresso machine or you can opt for Japanese green tea latte.   The kitchen also makes it’s own artisanal sourdough and focaccia bread which are used for sandwiches, Mediterranean antipasto plates, and delicious French toast

Restaurant/cafe Hours

Mon – Sun: 7:30am – 10:00pm

505 8776-7057


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